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Pegzo Review over at

The nice guys over at XnPlay have given us the thumbs up, which is nice :)

head over there and read the review

Pegzo review at XnPlay

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Pegzo review over at

Check it out here..


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Pegzo – Space 1 puzzle solution

I got so into making these videos, so here’s another one for the first level of Space world. These solutions are designed to help players along when stuck on a particular level, they don’t give a “perfect” solution ranking in the game, but will allow an unlock to happen provided the solution is for a puzzle that gives an unlock in the first place ;)

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Pegzo – Ocean 6 puzzle solution

get ‘em while they’re hot !

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Pegzo hits the IGN "Hot Pies" list !

We made it onto the Hot Pies list over at IGN.  Check out their review-ette here;

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Ocean 5 proving a little tricky ?

…or so a few peeps have said, so, here’s the solution, painstakingly produced by the Pegzo pixie.


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