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Curing the Clicks – Release Curves in XACT

Once I’d worked out that the clicking noises I was getting in Retrofit:Overload were not clipping but were caused by stopping the sounds, I expected it to be easy to fix in XACT. It was, really, but only after some puzzling over the MSDN docs and a false start or two.

To save others similar confusion, here’s a step by step guide to adding a release curve to a sound in XACT…
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Authoring enemy flight paths with SVG Beziers.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) seemed an ideal format for authoring the enemy paths in Retrofit: Overload but it turned out to be much harder to parse than it appeared at first sight. Fortunately the open-source SVG Rendering Engine works very nicely for reading SVG files in our content pipeline. Here’s how we use it:

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Now with moving parts !

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Zone out with retrofit:overload

retrofit:overload is coming soon to Xbox Live Indie games. (Well, soon-ish, when it’s ready etc.)

An arcade mash-up of some of our favourite old school cabinet games with some added funk ;-)
The concept is this: Take some heritage arcade action, mix up the bits that you like, ditch the bits don’t like, speed it up, add more weapons and shield deflectors. The goal was to draw from retro heritage but not copy it, to try to recapture the essence of what those games were all about and add some special sauce to get you in the zone.

Why? Because it’s full of win and you can zone out to it in a big way.

When? All going well, it should be out in April sometime on Xbox Live marketplace.

Video soon.

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