Get in the zone. Destroy all comers. Become as one with the Overload. Blistering retro shooter action featuring 2 player co-op and online scoreboards.

Remember the old cabinet games we loved so much? remember how one bullet at a time never seemed to be quite enough? retrofit:overload is a fond look back at those days with a  modern take, better weapons, better shields and nastier enemies.

Lightning fast wave attacks.

Multi-type enemy formations, stronger enemies mixed with weaker in the same formation. Player upgradeable guns via power-up provide exhilarating firepower against the horde.

Use your shield as defence and as a weapon! “Shield-Rushing” the enemy formation can dramatically improve your chances of survival, but watch out for that recharge gauge!

Enemy bosses and hi-scoring challenge levels give you the chance of making your score stick around on the online score boards.

retrofit:overload is now on sale on Xbox Live Indie Games. Priced at 80 Microsoft Points.

Download the trial or full version to your Xbox360 here > Xbox Live Marketplace