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Rola Trooper – Tyrant enemy forces #1

A quick update to show how the Tyrant army is shaping up,  ranging from the small but nippy Patrola to the slow but powerful Tankmega.  All the vehicles have ball wheels and are 360 degree motion capable with no nasty turning circles to slow down the action !


Rola Trooper is on the way!

We finally made it! After several months of hard work and sleepless nights we’re so very proud to announce our new game in development, Rola Trooper.

A twin stick action shooter set in full physics based 3D environments, Rola Trooper is our experiment with mixing arcade shmup action with semi realistic environments and a real physics system, let us know what you think!

No release date or pricing info as yet.

More info on the Rola Trooper main page here>


Rola Trooper

Rola Trooper
is an arcade action shooter set in full physics based 3D environments, it’s our experiment with mixing arcade shmup action with semi realistic environments and a real physics system.

In order to introduce a lot of speed into the gameplay, we’ve come up with our new “Rola Tech” motion system, All the characters ride around on Rola ball feet providing super fluid character motion, so it plays like a fast 2D shooter, but with real physics, explosions, 3d environments and destructible scenery.

The Story

Rola Trooper has been betrayed, the 3 remaining members of his old fireteam are incarcerated at various locations around the Tyrant Prison Network and guess what?  It’s your job to locate and free them.

With a variety of weapons at your disposal, you must guide Rola through the Tyrant Network, dispatching hordes of robot enemies on your way. Rescue your buddies and stop the evil Tyrant from escaping the system.

The game is still in development so the posted screenshots are works in progress, we’ll keep you up to date with regular posts about how the project is going and post new screenies of the current state of development. Please follow along and let us know what you think. Got a suggestion? We’d love to hear from you!