WAM! Games is a new indie game studio based in Manchester, UK.

Founded in 2008, we’re a team of two with a passion for games, and we’re now making them in our plush office suite in Martin’s spare room!

We have a goal: to transfer our big game experience into making small, fun, experimental and affordable games that everybody can play. With no fixation on genre or style, we’re aiming to produce a range of games that are enjoyable to make, but most importantly are enjoyable to play.

Programming Dept:
Martin Stone

Previously a programmer at EA and Sony and now responsible for all the WAM! code, servers and other technical stuff.

Art Dept, Design Dept & Brew Meister:
Will Storer

Most recently seen frequenting establishments such as THQ and Sony art departments, now wearing game design and art direction hats for the WAM! republic.