Retrofit:Overload is now available for the Xbox 360! you can download it to your Xbox here

We have had some favourable reviews and comments from the gaming press, here are a few links to get you going.

Gamerbytes - “What if Namco’s Galaga Legions was actually more like Galaga? It would have probably turned out like this.”

Gamingtruth“The great thing about Retrofit: Overload is that you can overload yourself or a friend with all the retroness this game has to offer.”

WastedSeconds“It doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, it just works and it works damn well.”

Xblaratings – “This mechanic is genius.”

Xboxhornet - “All your arcade favourites meshed into one!”

Gamasutra – “Xbox Live Indie Games – Ten Titles for 2010″

SFX-360“it’s Galaga on steroids!”

Gaygamer“…the long lost arcade game that would have stolen all of your lunch money.”

Xnplay - “…it’s really, really good.”

XboxIndieGames – “Retrofit – Overload is a nigh-on perfect distillation of the fixed-screen vertical shmup”

The game is available on Xbox Live Indie Games and you can download the trial version directly to your Xbox from here free of charge. If you like it, the full version costs just 80 Microsoft Points! Enjoy