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Easy loading bar for XNA

Here’s the loading-bar system that I wrote for Pegzo (also used now in Retrofit:Overload, although that loads so fast it doesn’t really need it).

Loading bars seem to be rare in community games and I think the approach I took is simpler than is often advised. This system is single-threaded and revolves around an enumerator function that looks something like this:

    thing = content.Load<Thing>("thing");
    yield return progress();  

    levelNames = content.Load<LevelNames>("level-names");
    yield return progress();  

    foreach (string name in levelNames) {
        yield return progress();

    // etc.

You can download the source from here: Download EasyLoadingBar.

Pegzo hits the IGN "Hot Pies" list !

We made it onto the Hot Pies list over at IGN.  Check out their review-ette here;

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Ocean 5 proving a little tricky ?

…or so a few peeps have said, so, here’s the solution, painstakingly produced by the Pegzo pixie.


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Pegzo goes live!

We made it! Pegzo went live on the 4th. It was fun, tiring, and very rewarding.

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Pegzos in action

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